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Crystal Veeyant is the nom de plume of a professional journalist and author who loves writing erotica as graphic and outre as she (?) can get away with. Her decade-plus of storytelling experience allows her to create realistic characters, situations and storylines that help her books come to life in the reader's imagination, which makes the fantasy even more intense and stay with you long after you read the last page story. She delights in telling kinky, edgy tales with shemale, transsexual, transgender and crossdresser characters. Be it sexual dominance, group sex or even pseudo incest, a story by this author is guaranteed to take the reader deeper into his or her fantasies than they ever may have imagined.

If you love "gender transgressive" erotica-shemale, transsexual, transgender, crossdresser, sissy, feminization and similar tales, I invite you to explore this all-free site and see what delights await you between the pages of my books. My books are only available in Kindle type format, but fortunately you don't need to own a Kindle reader. There are free reader applications for dozens of platforms including PC, Mac, iPad and more, plus a cloud reader that works with nearly all browsers. See the FAQ page for more information.


Friday, January 17th, 2013
NEW RELEASE on Amazon: Crystal's first full-novel The Sissy and the Billionaire, is a "Fifty Shades" type of story with a gorgeous but twisted heiress leading a nineteen-year-old submissive sissy down a sexual and BDSM rabbit hole, loaded with themes of bi sex, group sex, gangbangs, anal and oral sex, and loads of KINK! As an initial offer is temporarily discounted to $4.99 for a 150+ page novel!

Thursday, December 20th, 2012
The Fan Appreciation Zone is live with over 150 hardcore shemale and sissy 'toons and Photoshops for Crystal's reader's only.

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